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GO-KOT customers love their camping cots.

Our Customers Love Our Products & You Will Too!


I used these cots on RAGBRAI (bike across Iowa) and they worked like a charm. My new favorite camping item!

- Pierre (Belgium)

I recently purchased a Go-Kot from your company. The phone person was friendly and even called me back with the tracking number. The Go-Kot was so easy to assemble and the quality of the materials were the best. The combination of the quality USA manufacturing and the friendly southern customer service makes me want to tell all my friends about you! As a matter of fact, a good friend told me about your company.

- David K. (OH)

Just received your original Go-Kot. The quality and size are perfect for motorcycle camping and at the age of 52 not having to sleep on the ground after a long day of riding is just what the doctor ordered. Great product! You should advertise on motorcycle websites. I'm sure the cot would be a hit!

- Richard S. (WA)

GO-KOT still great after 28 years!  It is the best camping gear investment I've ever made. It's easy to set up and comfortable. My GO-KOT has given me a good night's sleep for weeks at a time camping all over the world. Now my kids use it when they have friends over. I just ordered two more so they can have their own. My old one has only four legs. The new ones have six. That seems to be the only difference. The design, material and construction quality just can't be beat.

- Yukon G. (AK)

Thanks for making a great product! Took my OD Green Go-Kot out to Yakima Training Center for a 10-day field exercise. Slept like a baby!

- Andrew H. (WA)

Your product is solidly quiet & comfortable to sleep on, sturdy and a snap to put together. I've recommended it to many & know I'll have it for many years to come.

- Joe D. (CA)

Better than a &*%$^ air mattress that will fail! I am 6' 1", 210 lbs. and spend weeks in the field. Tired of wasting money on substitutes and cheap fixes! Awesome cot!

- Michael L. (CO)

We are very active, year round campers. We have four Go-Kots and believe that they are some of the best of our collection of top-shelf camping gear. I appreciate the excellent design and quality, AMERICAN- made manufacturing. These cots are designed to last for years- made apparent by their five year guarantee. They add a considerable level of comfort to our outdoor adventures and, when our choice of tent sites was not the best, kept us high and dry when our tent flooded. They are compact, easy to set up and knock down. The Go-Kot commitment to maintaining American based manufacturing and customer satisfaction is another reason that I will continue to promote their product enthusiastically.

- Randall O. (TX)

My family and I love our Go-Kots and use them frequently as guest beds at home and away. We'll never travel without them! Thanks for making such a great product in the USA!

- Greg S.

Go-Kot is the best camping cot I have ever slept on. It was easy to set up and take down. You can even do it in the dark!

- Carnie

Hi there! I took a mission trip and used your cots. Almost as comfortable as my bed! I donated them at the mission site so I will purchase again for sure. Just loved them.

- Judy

Purchased for a Boy Scout trip. Easy to set up & not too heavy compared to bigger cots. Used a 2" self-inflated pad and got a great night's sleep. It made a little noise when I moved around. You need to rub a little bar soap on the side bars and the noise is gone. I gave my scout son the cot and ordered another. I'm 6'1" and 225 and it held up great!

- Ken

I love this cot in every way imaginable. The design is simple, durable and supremely functional. This thing packs up small (Look for the videos online showing assembly and packing). I've read many motorcycle campers use them. It is not light enough to take backpacking (as far as I'm concerned) but at around 9 lbs. and its small packed size it is great for small vehicle camping. The design has no crossbars at all. I'm 6' 1" and I'm using the standard size which is only 6'2".

- Steve P.

When it comes to camping gear, I have made some good buying decisions as well as some poor ones. This cot ranks right up there as one of the best outdoor products I have ever purchased. Bought my first back in the late 80's and another one a few years later. After years of use and dozens of trips both of them are still as sturdy as the day I bought them. My cots have been to Alaska, Northern Ontario and the BWCAW and have never failed to make my night's sleep in the great outdoors more comfortable. The cot is relatively light (don't know if I would use it on a backpacking expedition) and is very compact when stowed. I weigh around 210 pounds and am 6-feet tall and this cot holds my weight very well. AWSOME product! Getcha one!

- A. Greene

I've had my G0-Kot for 26 years. I got it in Scouts and it has been all over the world with me. I took it as far away as Australia. I have slept on it many hundreds of nights and is still in great shape. The one I have was made when they only put four legs on it instead of the six the new ones have now, and it holds up great. The canvas is in great shape still. There are not many products of this quality made any more. My 9-year old was able to tear it down with no help or instructions. Best cot ever!

- Kim L.

WOW! This is amazing! I received the replacement covers ion Saturday, just 4 days after sending you my info. What a delight in dealing with a company with such fantastic customer response. Thank you and keep up the good work!

- John C.

We went camping this weekend and used our new cots for the first time. They were great. It felt like we were sleeping in our beds. Didn't get up all stiff and sore in the morning and didn't keep waking in the night trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Set up and take down were very simple even inside of a tent. Thanks again for a great product and just wanted to let you know it's great to find a place that makes a quality product. We really are impressed!

- Dave